On our recent travels we tried PEACE LOVE ICE CREAM – Scott had delicious coconut ice cream and I tried their cherry ice – thumbs up for sure and a nice break on a long drive ! DSC06768

Scott & I went upstate for a party for one of my work friends. She is so lovely and invited us to a camp weekend – we couldn’t go up on Friday night so we joined the party on Saturday for a little bit.  We will be camping a few times this summer but have yet to invest in a new sleeping bag for me so decided when we looked on airbnb and found TABLE ON TEN to stay there. It is in Bloomville, NY – a quiet town about 3 hours away with lots of antique shops, organic farms and farmer shops.  I hear there is a lake not far from there as well that sounds really nice. Getting back to TABLE ON TEN – this place is so lovely and has amazing service and they greet you here with a big smile.  They are so welcoming and so incredibly talented.  The space is beautiful. The outside is just natural and once inside Inez and the others on her team have created this amazing experience. When you walk in as we did on a Saturday you smell the brick oven fire in the works and you check out the menu of all the amazing pizzas they offer with beautiful ingredients. You see things like Rhubarb soda and you taste the delicious coffee they make. I am not a coffee drinker but I tried Scott’s and it was delicious.

DSC06769 DSC06770 DSC06775 DSC06777

The space is decorated so sweetly – you walk through the café and there are tables and chairs and some items to purchase. There are great candles and shea butter and I found three marble necklaces made by this young girl from Brooklyn who visited the property at one point and told Ines about these necklaces. It was my father’s 81st birthday today so I decided to buy three to connect myself, my mother and father together with these marble pieces of artwork where some proceeds go to autism speaks I understand.

The café has great little flowers and candles and a really cool side yard area with a tree that lights up at night.

DSC06779 DSC06780 DSC06781 DSC06782 DSC06783 DSC06784

 We proceeded to our room in the attic upon arrival. This room was simple beauty. Ines worked on it and it and it felt so great.  I loved the design and décor. We had a little tub which if I had more time and if it wasn’t so hot out I would have used to soak my feet in some Epsom salts – I believe in the power of this to get rid of toxins in your body and to help have a good sleep.  The only issue I would say it was a very hot night in Bloomville – there is a big powerful fan but the night was just a hot one – So maybe be aware of that if you book the attic – It would be the perfect place to visit when the weather is 90 and below – it is just when it is in the 90s+ it gets a bit stuffy. So just note that – you might want to book another room when it is very hot if you have trouble sleeping like us when it is too hot.  Other than that we loved our room. You have to remember we were in the refurbished attic that didn’t feel like an attic at all except that it got a bit hot because it was a hot hot night.  Yet at the same time there was something lovely being in the attic of this incredible building.

DSC06790 DSC06792 DSC06793 DSC06794 DSC06796DSC06798 I really like this summer dress I bought at Zara and my shoes are from one of my favorites SAM EDELMAN 
DSC06806 DSC06809These are the marbles learn more here –

Made by two 8-year-old best friends, born on the same day, they had a dream of creating a business
together. Not just any business, their dream was to create a company that spoke of art, friendship and making
the world a better place. Marbelous was launched in May 2013 and is now sold in fashion-centric boutiques across the country and internationally. Marbelous is filled with creative spirit as each piece is handmade in Brooklyn and hand-stamped with an “M” using vintage printing tools. They donate 10% to different organizations it was mentioned that 10% of the sale of mine would go to AUTISM SPEAKS.

DSC06824 DSC06825 DSC06826 DSC06827 DSC06828 DSC06829 DSC06831 DSC06832 DSC06834 DSC06835 DSC06836 DSC06837DSC06894DSC06896 From the RETHINK book DSC06900 DSC06904 DSC06906 DSC06907

We went to the party in HOBART and since GPS is spotty over there we decided to drive back before it was dark and we were able to experience pizza night just in the nick of time.  They allowed us to order still and we had amazing red pizza ( they also make white), a salad with fennel, argula and lentils and ginger soda.  They have a nice list of wine and beer as well. I had a summer ale that was perfectly delicious as well. We were so tired and a regret is not trying the ice cream but I am sure it was delicious.

DSC06916 DSC06917

We woke up in the morning and were greeted by Inez and were offered cucumber and mint juice to order and Scott had a turmeric tonic with orange juice and ginger that was so yummy as well. I had an egg in a biscuit and Scott had the baked eggs that were incredible.  We also tried the famous meyer lemon marmalade that was so scrumptious and I highly recommend. We played Catan in the morning on the tablet – we have yet to finish – but I was doing pretty good when breakfast came along.  We have to finish our game. To make the drive go faster I downloaded some youtube videos of Howard Stern interviewing one of our favorite actors Bryan Cranston. It was about his role in LBJ – which I got to see twice and Scott and I saw together recently – he was truly incredible.  The interview is so funny and it is great to hear a little bit more about this brilliant actor and how he prepared for this role and what is his next for him.  I have to see Godzilla, I haven’t seen that just yet but definitely need to see it after he spoke about it. Howard Stern is a comedic genius. We already decided that is the best way to pass time on long journeys. We listened to him originally on a ride to Lake George when we had Sirius radio and now realized we can easily listen to his interviews from youtube.

DSC06921 DSC06923 DSC06927 DSC06933 DSC06947DSC06949 DSC06950 DSC06951 DSC06960 DSC06965 DSC06966 DSC06968 DSC06969 DSC06970 DSC06972 DSC06974You can read more about TABLE ON TEN and please go and visit it is a great experience –

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