Scott & I recently went to Philadelphia for a night and it was a super cool quick trip. I used to go constantly to Philly because I worked at a PR agency that handled PR for Anthropologie and I would go for catalog reviews. It was such an awesome experience.  Anthropologie holds a huge place in my heart and remains my favorite store.  I  love Colette and 10 Corso Como but Anthropologie is still my #1 and I had to visit the Walnut Street while there.

We first visited the READING TERMINAL MARKET – which is a huge market filled with different stalls.  It is similiar to our Chelsea Market in NYC.  It was a great experience because you get to try some of the local flavors and meet some great little shop owners.

We did go to DiNics and tried their famous sandwich and liked it but didn’t love it.  I think it is an experience though and worth trying for sure. I was very impressed with all the dessert shops and chocolate shops.

While at the market we had to try ice cream from L.D.  Bassett – they were established in 1861 and being an ice cream connoisseur of course I had to try it and it did not fail me – it was delicious.  I loved checking out the HERBIARY that had amazing essential oils and HIMALAYAN CANDLES. I wanted to eat something from Mueller’s and the Flying Monkey but I was so full.

DSC06495 DSC06496 DSC06497DSC06500 It was cool to see books from some of our favorite ice cream brands – COOLHAUS AND JENI’s DSC06505 DSC06506 DSC06508DSC06512 DSC06513 DSC06522 DSC06523DSC06531 DSC06533 DSC06535 DSC06536

We then headed over to Spruce Street Harbor Park where for the summer they have a pop up restaurant, an installation of hammocks and these amazing lights. They also have great games and fun lounge chairs.  Beyond that you can take a little boat around if you want – we didn’t wait for a swan or dragon or boat ride because we just wanted to walk around.

While walking back we saw this great sculpture from WILLIAM KING entitled THE STROLL that was so lovely.

DSC06537 DSC06540 DSC06549 DSC06555 DSC06556
DSC06563 DSC06564 DSC06568Crochet art bombing on the posts DSC06571 DSC06572 DSC06573 DSC06580 DSC06582 DSC06584DSC06590DSC06596 DSC06599 DSC06601 DSC06602

Next up was RITTENHOUSE SQUARE where we discovered this lovely juice bar, I had a delicious lemonade made with lavender.  We also tried one of the sweets – a banana bread that was incredible.  The design of this shop is so special it is a must see especially if you like COLD PRESS, organic and vegan treats and great design!

DSC06612 DSC06613

We finally got to our hotel and found out we were upgraded to a suite. The hotel is under renovations right now but if you can see our room you can see the rooms are beautifully decorated. This is a suite but the overall hotel lobby is bright and the staff super friendly. I would highly recommend staying at the Sonesta Hotel if you are looking for something centrally located and well priced. On top of that they have a nice size swimming pool. The only recommendation I would have is some food & beverage service at the pool or a way to get water at least just in case you didn’t bring a bottle with you.

DSC06617 DSC06618 DSC06619 DSC06621 DSC06626 DSC06627 DSC06629 DSC06630 DSC06632So you are in Philly and we of course had to try the best philly cheesteak – we read several articles and couldn’t really figure out what is the #1 voted spot – Some people say Jim’s others say TONY LUKE’s we read this GQ article and decided to go with SONNY’s and we were not disappointed – it was delicious.
DSC06638 The next morning we had the run the ROCKY stairs at the Art Museum so before we did we stopped by for a delicious egg sandwich – RY BREAD – this place was great ! Great service and a really yummy breakfast and just blocks away from ROCKY –  http://www.rybreadcafe.comDSC06641 DSC06642DSC06651 DSC06654DSC06663

Across the street from Rocky lies another beautiful statue this of JOAN OF ARC and incredible heroine to our pool at the hotel SONESTA for some rays 
DSC06691Next up we go see my favorite store ANTHROPOLOGIE on WALNUT STREET – such a visually stimulating place filled with art, crafts, incredible design, antiques and amazing things to buy 
DSC06698 DSC06699 DSC06702 DSC06704 DSC06705 DSC06706 DSC06708 DSC06714 DSC06715 I want this table set so bad !!! I am a bit in love with it !!!DSC06716 DSC06717 DSC06718Love these !  I would love to have my dogs painted by this artist. 
DSC06722 DSC06723 DSC06724 These look like EMU — I learned EMUS can not walk backwards only forward when I worked with the brand EMU DSC06726 The Fell-Van Renssalaer House was commissioned to be built in 1897 by Sarah Drexel Fell, widow of a Philadelphia coal magnate. … Drexel Fell moved in in 1898 with her new husband, Alexander Van Rensselaer. … Peabody & Stearns, of Boston, designed the Beaux Arts-style house. … It has an original Tiffany & Co. stained glass dome and a ceiling with a cluster of portraits of Italian princes encircled in gold frames – both among the notable elements that have outlived several ownership changes.” Phila. Inquirer, 1/7/14, at 10, 12.DSC06727 What a beautiful massage table DSC06729 I would love this bed DSC06730 Mara Hoffman journals – I need the Mara Hoffman pillows DSC06731 DSC06733 DSC06735 DSC06736 DSC06738 DSC06741 DSC06743 DSC06745 Our last stop was the ITALIAN MARKET which was shown during ROCKY when he is running through the streets of Philly to the famous stairs scene – of course being Italian we had to visit this spot. We went a bit late in the afternoon, like every market you should go before 1:00pm.  They have great fruits, vegetables, home made pasta, cheese galore and great Italian sandwiches. We got a tip on line to try PAESANO’s and our sandwiches were delicious. DSC06746 DSC06747 DSC06748 DSC06749 DSC06750 DSC06751 DSC06753Philly is a great city to visit – it is a quick trip from the city and really is great to explore – I would highly recommend a day trip or a full weekend – there is a lot to do and so many great restaurants and places to shop.

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