ROCKAWAY BEACH 2014 tips on where to go

I went on an adventure with my parents to the ROCKAWAYS – it was about a 40 minute drive from NYC. There are a lot of transportation options available to get to this lovely stretch of beach.  We have a ton more scoping out to do but what we discovered today is the following :

There is a parking lot between 96th and 98th where you can park for free and it is just a couple of blocks from beach

There is no fee for the beach

We hung out around 98th street where there are some great food options.  They have everything from lobster rolls, to Peruvian food to a bar playing the World Cup.

We indulged in some healthy fare.  I try to have my parents juice regularly and have my dad eat a lot of fruits/ veggies.  Today he tried an ACAI bowl filled with other fruits and then we cheated and had a delicious guava pastry that we all split.

We tried to go to ROCKAWAY TACO but the line was around the corner so we will try for that next round.

There is also ROBERTAS’s as well – which is pretty cool – it looks like a mobile brick oven in the middle of the street with some picnic tables. ROBERTA’s – I am sure is an awesome addition to the options.

There are some great ice pop options and we also had some entertainment with the local crossfits having a bit of a crossfit competition right on the beach.



DSC06103 DSC06104 DSC06106 DSC06107 DSC06108 DSC06109 DSC06111 DSC06112 DSC06118 DSC06121
DSC06124 DSC06125

We plan to explore more this summer so will keep you posted on what else I find out.

I was just reading the findings from K-HOLE’s new report and they write this – it is all about being young at heart and enjoying the little things in life I think but this passage is from K-Hole’s new report –

Being in YOUTH MODE isn’t about
perpetually reliving yourself at a younger age, it’s about being
youthfully present at any given age. Youth isn’t a process, aging
is. In YOUTH MODE, you are infinite.


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