I went to school in Staten Island first at Our Lady Star of the Sea and then to St. Joseph Hill Academy.  I loved my experiences at my high school, meeting all my friends, and living somewhere you don’t have to look far for great Italian food and awesome pizza.  I don’t get to visit Staten Island as much anymore because my parents are always coming to visit me in the city and we go on adventures but I heard about ENOTECA MARIA and thought this could be a nice place to take my father for FATHER’S DAY.
The Concept: Enoteca Maria was conceived by Joe Scaravella with the help of Denise Ingrassia-Scaravella and opened in March 2007. The goal was to create an authentic Enoteca on the North Shore of Staten Island similar to those experienced while traveling around Italy.

The Cooks: Each of our cooks represents a different region in Italy. They share a passion for cooking traditional local dishes that have been handed down from mother to daughter, generation after generation. Our food isn’t “like Nonna used to make….” Nonna is making it!

The Menu: The menu changes daily and is created by the cook of the day. Everything is made fresh, from scratch: we do not use a microwave in any of our preparations. As a result, your food may take a bit longer to reach you. Therefore, we invite you to relax with a nice glass of wine, a complimentary sample plate and our homemade focaccia while you wait.

Oh and the music was a nice mix – I even heard some Mazzy Star our chef was

Rosaria Montaldo, a proud grandmother of two, has been cooking at Enoteca Maria since June of 2008. She was born in the region of Abruzzo in a small town in the province of Chieti. The region is known for its agriculture and producing wine, cereals, sugar beets, potatoes, olives, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Traditional products are saffron and liquorice. Rosaria remembers her grandmother’s cooking well, since she grew up living in the same house. Lamb is a popular dish in the Abruzzo region and Rosaria enjoys preparing Costolette d’Agnello all Griglia—grilled lamb chops. Her favorite pasta dish is Maccheroni alla Chitarra—macaroni pasta made on a guitar-like instrument—another staple of Abruzzese cooking.

We had the RICE BALLS ( DELICIOUS ), BAKED CLAMS ( DELICIOUS), EGGPLANT BOATS ( DELICIOUS), and I had the pasta ( DELICIOUS).  Scott had lamb which he didn’t love that much so I would suggest skip the protein and go for the carbs – sometimes it is ok to have some extra carbs 🙂 And then for dessert try their tarts/ pies instead of ice creams/ gelato – our gelato was good but very hard from being so cold.  I think my mother’s pie was deliciously baked.

DSC06023 DSC06025 DSC06031 DSC06040 DSC06044 DSC06045

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