GOVERNORS ISLAND AND FIGMENT – or just hop on the ferry and have a nice picnic on the island and chill on a hammock

I love going to GOVERNORS ISLAND – I usually go for an event but it would be so nice just to go for a picnic – definitely check it out this summer -
DSC05933an installation of cocao and chocolate wrappers at FIGMENT – my downfall
DSC05936an incredible TREEHOUSE – I really would love one !
DSC05940 DSC05941 I LOVE MY NEW ZARA DRESS DSC05942 DSC05943 DSC05944This project by CDR studio was one of the most thoughtful at FIGMENT I thought – 30,000 reclaimed plastic cups were recycled into this beautiful sculpture in between these trees – something normally seen as waste ( a plastic cup) was made into art – this was very inventive 

DSC05976My bracelets are from my trip to KENYA all hand beaded and my glasses MARC JACOBS DSC05983DSC05985DSC05995THESE HAMMOCKS ARE SO COOL – a great place on a spring day to go with your IPAD programmed with your NEXT ISSUE and read a bunch of great magazines 
DSC05997DSC06000DSC06001DSC06003There is a pop up store that had some cute items ! BETTER THAN JAM
DSC06007DSC06009DSC05954 DSC05955 DSC05956 Painted Phone by George LindemannDSC05957There is a saying in portuguese that goes “Viver Em Um Mar De Rosas”(living in the sea of roses): when everything in your life comes together just right and you find yourself living in that peak moment suspended in time, like a rose in the ocean of roses. by SERGIO BARRAS ( who looks like he is from STATEN ISLAND ! )


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