This year Scott & I just went on Saturday – and we went to see THE STROKES and came out loving FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS as well – they were so good. DSC05860 DSC05862 DSC05865FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS
DSC05868 DSC05875 DSC05878
DSC05882 I LOVE MY OUTFIT BY MINK PINK – an unique collection by Christian Perri ( who sings FOR A THOUSAND YEARS)

DSC05889 DSC05892 Apparently FLOWER CROWNS are still in and I think that is pretty cool – it feels very festival like then DSC05897 DSC05899 DSC05900 DSC05901 DSC05904 I didn’t see that much fashion I loved this year – I was looking too but I do like this girl’s look – I am loving printed pants right now – the only bad thing is that Scott thinks they are so not attractive – he hates my pj pants but I am digging that look still DSC05906 DSC05908Another interesting look – a pretty floral dress & fanny pack 
DSC05910DURING THE STROKES – who gave us an AMAZING SHOW !!! 
DSC05918 We waited over 40+ minutes I think on this line we heard these were amazing and they were pretty yummy I preferred the original with their sauce more then the balsamic maple but definitely something different to try http://stickysfingerjoint.comDSC05920And since Scott & I are going to have a  MOMOFUKU wedding cake we figured we just have to do a taste test – not like we haven’t tried them a bunch but so good !! CONFETTI BIRTHDAY BALLS !


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