BUY TICKETS TO SEE “HOLLER IF YOU HEAR ME” – what to see on Broadway right now 2014

Did you ever think of what TUPAC SHAKUR was saying?Now, Hearing and seeing  his words and poetry come to life with a made up story and what could have been visuals  and seeing some of his words unfold was super enlightening. This is not a biography but  this story uses his words and poetry to unfold something to show the power of his words- This is an original musical that features his lyrics and poetry – like the book that Shakur wrote THE  ROSE THAT GREW IN CONCRETE – The actors are incredible from SAUL WILLLIAMS TO CHRISTOPHER JACKSON TO BEN THOMPSON – a truly amazingly talented cast that makes you want to dance, cry and just listen to all your TUPAC SHAKUR  over and over … it is right on Broadway at the Palace Theater – a really beautiful theater where everywhere you can see really great – so you don’t need to be in orchestra to enjoy this show ! DSC06013

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