DOVER STREET MARKET AND ROSE BAKERY – a beautiful place for lunch in NYC

One of the lovely ladies who worked on CARAVAN mobile and in my stores now works at DOVER STREET MARKET so I wanted to check it out.  The Prada section is beautiful – if you love fashion just go there to see the mannequins up close.  There are some beautiful pieces of artwork throughout the store.  Items are extremely expensive and I wish there were more easier to purchase items like at Colette on that first floor where there is stationary, books, gadgets, trinkets etc… it is always fun to find that in a store but this is more like COMME des GARCONS store  with a mix of other expensive designers – definitely worth to see but if you are like me you can’t afford shopping like this right now.  Something incredibly lovely is ROSE BAKERY which I highly recommend – I had a piece of quiche and their Matcha dessert and it was incredible.


“We wanted to create a place where people felt at home, somewhere that people came back to often and the quality of the food shone.” – Rose Carrarini.

Rose Bakery was created by Rose Carrarini and her husband Jean Charles.

DSC05820 DSC05824 DSC05825 DSC05826 DSC05828

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