BROOKLYN BRIDGE PARK AND BROOKLYN ICE CREAM FACTORY – great things to do on the weekends in NYC

Brooklyn Bridge Park is definitely a cool place to go to hang, play sports, have some yummy food and try BROOKLYN ICE CREAM FACTORY – This was good but not my favorite but definitely yummy.  A place that is beautiful that is right there that next time I want to try is RIVER CARE – right on the water.  There is a LUKE’s LOBSTER and NO.7 right there as well – also for less then $10 dollars you can take a nice ferry ride right back to Manhattan.  It is a huge park with a faux beach and something that looks like a real beach now too and lemonade stands. I would highly recommend checking all of this out this summer. http://www.brooklynbridgepark.orgDSC05845 DSC05846 DSC05848 DSC05852 DSC05854 DSC05837DSC05857

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