me and josh

My nephew graduated recently from DENISON college in OHIO.  I went with my mother and father to see the graduation and to spend time with my awesome nephews. I was able to watch Josh grow into such an awesome dude. He is resourceful – he finds a way and that is something that if everyone knew how to be resourceful they would be so successful.  He impresses me and I am so proud of him.  I remember when he was born I was returning from my first trip abroad to Italy in high school with my best friend Kerri. We had an incredible time – we got to see Italy ( Rome, Florence, and Venice), eat tons of gelato, drink wine legally and meet some very interesting Italian boys ! I got off the plane to find out about the birth of my first nephew.  Originally when I found out my sister – in – law Kathie was pregnant I was jealous I think because I was so afraid not to be the little girl in the family anymore.  I was the princess. I was the total suprise – after 13 years of  my mother having my youngest of my two older brothers Anthony- my mom found out she was having me ! So I was always spoiled rotten. Now a new baby was coming and I was afraid to give up my crown but it turned out to be a boy – and I loved him so much.  I spent some nice times with my nephew from taking him to Disney world and having so many memories there to see a concert with him to talking food with him ( he is a bit of a foodie – which I think is totally cool!) anyway now he is not my little nephew anymore but I still am his Aunt and so proud to be the Aunt to him and two other awesome boys – I still have my princess crown in the family but more importantly I get to see the DESOLA name live on with these wonderful nephews.
DSC05360anthony and kathie and joshDSC05554

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