SNOW DAY FEB 13 2014

Today was a busy work day but I also took a break at one point during lunch to take the dogs with Scott to ASTRO DOG PARK – our local dog park that was filled with snow – I think we were the first ones there and our dogs went bonkers ! Barrett usually just plays with Noel these days but she was like a puppy running around and having so much fun – she took off by herself because she loved how the snow felt around her and she also liked the taste of it.  This is what happiness is :

noel feb 13 1 noel feb 13 2 noel feb 13 3 noel feb 13 4 noel feb 13 5 noel feb 13 6 noel feb 13 7 noel feb 13 8 noel feb 13 9 noel feb 13

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