Scott & I try not to eat sugar but we love it so every once in a while we will go wild – for our birthdays my parents got us a joint gift certificate to SUGAR AND PLUMM On Upper West Side.  They know I am in love with Serendipity so they figured it was time to try something new. We had a wonderful brunch and then amazing desserts. We couldn’t even put a dent in the cake so we took it home to eat a couple nights later – it was decadently chocolate.  I am a Mint Chocolate Chip critic and have to say it was very good.

I recommend this as a place for parents to take their children – it is a fun place like Serendipity when you want to spoil them with some ice cream.  It is definitely not a good thing to go here a lot only because as we all no sugar isn’t good for you – but I do believe that we should LIVE and if ice cream makes you happy you should go for it every now & then.

I also recommend it for celebrations, breakups and just a fun romantic afternoon filled with brunch and yummy desserts – the place to my heart and my stomach is with really good ice cream:)

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