Scott and I went to Massachusetts for a few days including Christmas – we enjoy hanging out with his family – playing lots of CATAN, APPLES TO APPLES and other games – we did some exploring and found this lovely group called the CROMPTON COLLECTIVE which is made up of different stalls selling all sorts of items from really cute new items to some amazing antiques and vintage items. I was excited to learn about this business Haberdasher that started as a mobile store – just like my Caravan in 2005 – she made some roots with this collective.  I liked what they had for sale especially amazing dreamcatchers that were so well priced at $100.00 – when I get some money I am definitely going to get one – they are beautiful by Crimson + Clover. and
DSC04274 DSC04275 DSC04278 DSC04280 DSC04294 DSC04292 DSC04295 DSC04300 DSC04301 DSC04305 DSC04319 DSC04320

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