We loved this cute wall on the way to check out all the art work DSC03538DSC03540 Can you see the C & S  – C for me and S for Scott DSC03542 DSC03543 DSC03544 DSC03545 DSC03546 DSC03548 DSC03549 DSC03550 DSC03551 DSC03553 DSC03556DSC03583 There was this exhibition of little mini trash cans in Wynwood that was super cool : DSC03584 DSC03586 DSC03591 DSC03634 Love Aiko’s work DSC03633 DSC03636 This wall is by NUNCA DSC03637This wall is by RETNA DSC03640 I love this wall by Maya Hayuk DSC03642DSC03644 DSC03645 DSC03646 DSC03647 DSC03648DSC03651 This is by DAZE DSC03662

These are by SANTIAGO RUBINO DSC03666 DSC03667 This wall is by FAFI DSC03676 DSC03679 I loved this OLEK INSTALLATION DSC03687 DSC03688 This wall is by RON ENGLISH DSC03690 DSC03691 These walls are by Kashink DSC03698 DSC03699 DSC03702 DSC03715 DSC03716 DSC03718DSC03720 DSC03726 DSC03727 This wall is by Lakwena DSC03729DSC03731 DSC03734 DSC03740 DSC03741DSC03833 DSC03746 DSC03747 DSC03748 DSC03749DSC03818 DSC03819

Brooklyn-based artists FAILE and BÄST…


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