I first saw Federico Uribe’s work in NYC – I believe at SCOPE and was so lucky to see a lot of it in Miami during Art Basel – we first saw some works at one of the shows – a lot of these are made from pencils – see more on him here –

DSC03439 DSC03441 DSC03443 DSC03444 DSC03445 DSC03446 DSC03448 Then we received a real treat when we went to see THE REALM OF THE UNREAL at this gallery in Wynwood where he recreated the whole entire gallery – it was incredible DSC03757 DSC03758 DSC03759 DSC03760 DSC03761 DSC03764 DSC03766 DSC03770 DSC03771 DSC03772 DSC03774 DSC03778 DSC03779 DSC03784 DSC03789 DSC03790 DSC03792 DSC03794 DSC03795 DSC03800 DSC03801 DSC03802 DSC03804 DSC03806 DSC03808 DSC03811 DSC03813

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