Dear Dell, In 2002, I started a pretty successful company based in NYC that became bi-coastal in LA with Dell computers. I organized over 200+ fashion & entertainment events using those DELL computers for over nine years. 

While having one company I started another that I worked on after hours in 2005,  I started the first ever mobile store in a RV called CARAVAN using a DELL laptop ( this is before twitter ) & we used it to log on to tell people where we were going to be each day as well as organized all our transactions on it.

I now morphed CARAVAN mobile into CARAVAN STYLIST STUDIO and am using a DELL. The DELL you see below at my home office is the DELL I have had since 2010 and I started CARAVAN STYLIST STUDIO on it. Last year we had over 270+ actors and actresses, editors, bloggers and other creatives come and visit us for one on one appts. for styling and we had over 2,500+ other influencers come out for our events – fashion shows, press events, and more. Our goal is to support the fashion community by having talent discover designers and introducing them to one another and being a hub for bloggers, editors, photographers to come together and create.  We hope to create amazing art projects and really beautiful programming this year.  We could use your help to grow – we have a lot of ideas but we would love DELL’s support. Companies are constantly sponsoring one off events, gifting suites, etc – come be our partner for a year and lets create something consistent together that helps so many creatives. In 2013, we had amazing companies partner with us and in 2014 we are looking for a company like DELL to be our partner – to create, energize and network! Learn more about us at and you can always email us at  We hope to hear from you !



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