Scott got me an AWESOME birthday gift – a trip to Miami for Art Basel.  I always wanted to go for fun and Scott planned an awesome trip.

Our first stop was FLORIDA COOKERY at the James Hotel – a beautiful hotel.  I heard great things about the Florida Cookery but I was not impressed – it was actually a terrible meal – Scott’s chicken wasn’t cooked well and my fish was really gross — the design was very cool so at least we got a cool pic out of the experience using a mirror we caught this photo –

DSC02624From there we walked to the http://www.aquaartmiami show which was awesome it was inside a hotel where all the galleries set up in different rooms. It was a great vibe and we saw amazing artists and met a lot of interesting peopel. Some of the favorite pieces I saw included :
ME by Daniel Daiz Tai


I loved this one gallery – ROBERT FONTAINE gallery


This piece is called INDIAN SUMMERDSC02635 These hair pieces are by Demitra Copoulos – they were so brillant and the colors so vivid DSC02637 DSC02640

Apple Temple by Gao Yansong DSC02641 DSC02642 Craig Cully’s kisses DSC02643 Frank Hyder DSC02649 DSC02651 My favorites by Juliane HundertmaskDSC02654 DSC02655 DSC02657 DSC02658 Jennifer Daction DSC02721 DSC02722

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