In the midst of pulling together our 2014 plan and sometimes it seems like there is so much to do for the studio and as an entrepreneur you get worried and you find yourself saying to your family, friends & co-workers – just pray or cross your fingers.

Well we are working hard to make 2014 special !

I think 2013 turned out to be a very successful and fruitful year – our most recent success was the ornament project and I was super happy that we were just featured in WWD for it ( and on the same page as BONO & U2 )



Anytime I feel overwhelmed I do a few things -I wake up early as the sun is going to rise

I look at this incredible city and say “Let’s Do This”

I listen to good music for instance RIHANNA at the AMAs gave an amazing performance if you haven’t watched it check it out –

and I go to SOULCYCLE

a. you feel great after a class

b. you feel like you accomplished something BIG

c. the teachers just motivate you to a point where you know you can do anything

d. the name is brilliant because when the lights are out it is just you, your soul and your goals

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