GOTHAM WEST welcome to the “DREAMHOOD”

We had a lovely weekend my parents and I while Scott was out of town in Massachusetts visiting his family. I cooked – I tried to make sure everything was gluten free and when possible dairy free. I was pretty proud of my gluten free stuffing and I made some pretty delicious sweet potatoes and a really awesome cranberry relish for our butternut squash soup.

We ate a lot this weekend and we had the fun opportunity to visit the GOTHAM WEST MARKET. Definitely go there – it is so good & has a ton of choices. It is a great place to go after work for cocktails for business because there are a lot of choices or to meet up with a bunch of friends or even to go by yourself.  I had incredible fish tacos and deviled eggs & super delicious sangria.

Let’s talk about the purveyors and what to expect !

Blue Bottle Coffee is known to be delicious and there is lovely seating so it is a great place to have a business meeting

The Brooklyn Kitchen seemed to have a lovely assortment of veggies and goodies

The Cannibal had these brussel sprouts that were incredible

El Comado had the sangria & the my mother had a delicious chantrelle mushroom & potato pie and the Huevo al Diablo Deviled eg g, smoked bacalao, roasted pepper. So sad just relized they have Pimientos Shishito peppers fried in olive oil, lots of coarse sea salt !!!

Genuine Roadside is a really cute spot – we got the fish tacos from here and they were great made with mahi mahi and the atmosphere is very cool & soundtrack awesome – I heard a mix of metal & the Smiths while sitting down

Court Street Grocers seems to have super hearty sandwiches – we didn’t get to try this but it looked incredible

Little Chef seemed again to have a delicious menu including a kale dish – I can’t wait to go back & try it

Ivan Ramen is definitely on my list – I hear Ivan is an expert !

& there is a bike shop in the space too – Go biking today !

saturday 29

some photos of GOTHAM WEST gotham west market 3

gotham west dad in market

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