I love adventure and trying new things especially new type of classes. This weekend I tried AERIAL YOGA at OM FACTORY. I figured I went to trapeze school how hard can it be.

WARNING: You need to be comfortable with being upside down a little bit – that was the hardest part for me. I get dizzy fast but it feels so good.

You are a little nervous at first because you don’t have a clue what you are doing – you need to listen well and just go for it.

My teacher at OM FACTORY was so lovely and I couldn’t get over how she remembered everything and said all the steps so eloquently – again there are a bunch of steps in the twists and turns to get yourself up and then back down. You find yourself sometimes twisted awkwardly like a pretzel in fabric.  I guess over time you are conditioned on what to do and it gets easier.

It is very cool because you use the fabric as a resistance trainer and it is very relaxing – so you definitely get a nice “yoga” workout.

I would definitely do it again – I think I need something that gives me a little more cardio action in my daily routine but I really enjoyed this and it would be something fun to bring out of town guests to that enjoy yoga.

In the interim, I love their studio so I plan to try some of their other fun classes they have one that is FIGHT CLUB YOGA and something I heard like hip hop meets yoga –  I think that might have some more cardio in it – I am ready !!

aerial yoga 1 aerial yoga 2

*photos from OM FACTORY google images

Then today I tried SOULCYCLE and I heard it is addicting and I can see why it is all of this and more:

* Motivational




What to expect:  Going in I didn’t know it was going to be a lot of work : a little exhausting at first if you are not used to it and I work out.  So I just found my breathing and I did the best I could  – I put my resistance low so I could just get my rhythm down.  It does stop hurting at one point — you start by riding riding riding and then you do all sorts of fun exercises and then when it really starts to hurt you catch a break—you can slow your legs down and you do arms using 3 lb weights ( you can get lighter ones) and then after that it is like freestyle where you just ride as fast as you can with your eyes closed so it feels really good and it isn’t scary anymore.  You just feel really awesome and SLIM and SLEEK when you are done.

Now – I didn’t know what I was doing for shoes – so if you don’t own shoes you rent them for $3 and then you have to get clipped in by putting the front of your shoe in the little pedal ( similiar almost to when you go skiing and you have to clip your boot in your ski) to get out you just twist your foot a bit – you should ask the teacher or someone that looks like they know what they are doing – but I felt like I was around the most fit people and felt a little intimated at first and then I took a deep breathe and asked someone next to me.

But don’t feel intimated – you go once and you get it and I think you go three times and you got the hang of it and you will really be able to ride.

You sweat your butt off and when you are done you feel like you accomplished something.

My teacher Nick was awesome – so enthusiastic and really pushed you and just said motivational words!!

Now I know why all my friends love it – I totally recommend it – if you haven’t tried it.

I am going again tomorrow for sure ! P.S. the music was amazing and when you are talking about BRANDING AND MARKETING these ladies have it down – they have done a brilliant job at that you can feel the SOULCYCLE heartbeat for sure!

soulcycle 2 soulcycle

photos from google images for SOUL CYCLE

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