blue apron 3Scott & I have been getting Blue Apron delivered to us for a few months now and we love it.  It is super fresh, wonderfully delicious and definitely a great deal.  We spend about $60.00 a week and we get 3 meals X 2 that are lovely.

You don’t get to pick your meals – Blue Apron does that so you don’t need to think about what you are going to eat – they do all of that for you.

You can choose vegetarian or meat/ fish.  If you choose veggies – you will get 3 meals that you will prepare filled with awesome veggies and grains etc.  If you do meat/fish – you typically get one fish and 2 meat.  I love it because I am cooking things I never knew I could like Pad Thai and some really fun dishes.

They give you everything portioned out. For us we get a box on Tuesday that takes us either through Thursday so we only have to think about the weekend and Monday.  Sometimes they give you such a nice portion you have lunch for the next day.

You get all your cooking essentials – so you are getting things like mirin and hot red chili peppers that you might just need for a recipe and don’t want to have to purchase a ton of it – so here everything you need comes in the box.

I love it – I am so glad we do Blue Apron – every week it is a lovely suprise on what we are going to eat those three days – they made cooking extremely fun – I highly recommend Blue Apron.

blue apronblue apron 2

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