Scott planned a little get – a – way trip to Montreal where his friend lives and we had such an enjoyable time. Old Montreal feels like you are walking through the streets of Paris and there are other parts of Montreal that are just so lovely – we stayed in the part considered “Little Italy” and with all the spiral staircases and painted houses in pastel colors it was really incredible and we had a wonderful experience at the market – The Jean Talon is a visual experience filled with samples of incredible fruits & vegetables, amazing places to eat and delicious ice cream.


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We had incredible food while in Montreal – we checked out recommendations from friends which I would recommend.

We had delicious shrimps that were so fresh and incredible desserts and wine at Garde Manger. There is a certain kind of restaurant I adore that feels like you are in your super hip friend’s house – with incredible food, fun music, well dressed people around you and excellent decor.  I loved the soundtrack they played and this is  a place you need to make a reservation for but it is totally worth it.

We did get to try fresh lobster rolls at what they call MUV boxes which are these small containers – that are parked in highly trafficked areas – it could be a very smart idea for NY.

We had two dinners one night which included  Cafe Santropol on  Saint Urbain which was a vegeterian delightful place – if it is nice out you should eat in the garden – the inside is so sweet too with great street art.  The carrot sandwich was indulgent and I hear the carrot cake is a must.  We then went to Au Pied de Cochon which is a meat eater’s dream we were already hungry so we just had the poutine but it was decadent and this restaurant is definitely somewhere to try but not for my friends who are vegeterians. Our friends also told us to check out  Arahova  which was an awesome lunch time spot or a late night place – I hear they stay open very late !

We stayed at the hotel Nelligan which was very comfortable and well priced in the heart of Old Montreal.

We did try l’express which is an establishment – it felt like a Balthazar to me – very good food, simple atmosphere but it gets crowded.

I wish we had more time because there were so many places I wanted to go.

I did try a bagel from Montreal which is  a flat bagel with incredible swiss cheese and olive oyl at the sweetest cafe –Cafe Mille Gusti –

We did take a four hour bike tour over all the bridges – one bridge was totally open to bike on and we went through the race track too which was amazing. I highly recommend a fun bike tour.

If I had more time I would have loved to visit BOTA which is a spa on a boat right in Old Montreal – it looked like a fun experience.

montreal 2 montreal 3 montreal 4montreal 6 check out the awesome Caravan tee at L’Expressmontreal 7

there is awesome street art around Montreal montreal 8 montreal 9 montreal 10 montreal 11 Ice cream that is incredible at the TALON market montreal 12 montreal 13 montreal 14 montreal 15 montreal 16 montreal 17 montreal 18Bubble man in the square so fun !
montreal 19 montreal 20 montreal 21 montreal 22 montreal 23 Love this housing architectural project montreal bike 2 The World Fair grounds – this is for the United States montreal bike 3 montreal bike 4 montreal bike 5 montreal bike 6 montreal bike 7 montreal bike 8 montreal bike

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