POCONOS – not just a honeymooners place – check out Easton & more

We went to visit Scott’s family at their time share in Shawnee PA this time.  There is a lot to do.

On the weekends you can check out a year round yard sale in this cute painted flag house

PA 1 PA 2

They had mini golf at the place where we stayed so fun – I hadn’t played in years and it showed – I was awful

scott and me golfing

We played a lot of Settlers of Catan – I was the Lord of Catan the first game so fun ! and we also played Apples to Apples another fun game !
PA 5If you have a whole afternoon I would suggest to visit Bushkill Falls – there is a good hike down to the falls and a maze on the premise too!
PA 6It is cool to see a bit of the Native American Indian heritage around PA
PA 7 We had to visit this restaurant first because it sounded yummy because it was farm to table but then because it was called Settlers Inn like Settlers of Catan I would definitely recommend the mushroom pasta, the yummy salad with figs and for dessert the English toffee pudding – so amazing PA 9 PA 10 PA 11 They had a really sweet gift shop in the back called the potted shed PA 12 PA 13 PA 14 PA 15 PA 16 PA 17 PA 18 We checked out the Caverns near by as well which was interesting PA 19It was cool to see what they call a rock flower or cavern flower develop PA 23 One of my favorite parts was EASTON – the CRAYOLA factory – this is the best place to take kids – supposedly if you go through the exhibitions it takes a whole day – it was so much fun even just going through the first floor and seeing all the colors and building my very own tin of crayons ( I got to pick all the colors ) and on top of it I got to see what years all the colors were created PA 24 PA 25 PA 26 PA 27 PA 28 PA 29 PA 30 PA 31 Crayola street art – gotta love it ! PA 34 On the streets of Easton – Here no Evil See no Evil Speak no Evil PA 35 A day wouldn’t be complete without ice cream – BANK STREET CREAMERY has gotten some attention for their homemade flavors PA 36 PA 37 PA 38 PA 39 PA 40PA 42Throughout PA there are beautiful bridges and scenery and lots of places to go – I would check out HONESDALE a developing town that my friend Samuelle Green just is about to open a store there – such a sweet town and if you are in Shawnee you have to eat at this yummy traditional Peruvian restaurant http://www.inticuisine.com/PA9

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