My parents are the best. I am reading the 2nd book by the author of the HAPPINESS PROJECT and she mentions how sometimes our happiness levels are built into our genes.  I believe that.  I had some sad times in the past with some ups and downs and regret that time. Sometimes when you have sadness and are confused because of the onset of others you get a little sad and depressed.  I look back and know that all my life though me myself and I have been a pretty happy camper! I thank my parents for that – yes I wish I had more money and could be more successful every day but I respect that I am extremely lucky and just generally happy.  Through it all my parents have been my rock – they have seen me go through everything from dance recitals to graduations to break ups to opening businesses to closing businesses to the loss of a dog a new dog – everything ! I love them so much and appreciate them.  I wish I could spend more time with them but do think I try to make time so I can create long lasting memories with them. Their smiles are the best thing ever – talk about happiness – that alone makes you happy for years.  Seeing your family happy and having a good time – that is happiness. You could have $1.00 in your pocket but if you have smiles on your faces that is something money can’t buy.  I thank my parents for everything they do and was so happy to spend a nice weekend with my parents for my Dad’s 80th birthday !

If you like baseball definitely see next year when ALL STAR FAN FEST weekend is – they have a big layout at the Jacob Javits center – it is awesome for kids – they create all these activities from seeing how fast you can slide into homepage to how fast you run to batting ranges. Bank of America was one of the sponsors and they had this nice opportunity where they would give a donation if you took a photo with the sign saying we thank the troops.

dadbday dadbday1 dadbday2 Then off to the race track, going to the race track has been a constant in my family since I was little. My dad loves the horse races and we had such a blast ! I even one a few bucks. Check out Scott’s new GI JOE glasses by LOOK/SEE – I think they are pretty rad – they have mirrors on the front.  It was Scott’s first day at the horse races and he won his first race !

DSC02114dadbday3The next day a big suprise AMERICAN EXPRESS gave us 4 outstanding tix to see the new players on all the new teams and the Celebrity / Famous Player game – it was so much fun – we got to take my dad to CITIFIELD which he hadn’t been to the new one and we had amazing tickets right behind the dugout.  It was a hot day but so much fun ! dadbday5 dadbday6 dadbday7dadbday9 Of course Scott wore his Boston Red Sox hat and I my Martha’s Vineyard BLACK DOG – I love that hat because the dog

looks like Barrett ! dadbday10 dadbday11So many players – we got to see Daryl Strawberry right there !
dadbday12I hope my dad had a nice birthday I am so happy I got to hang out with him ! He cracks me up and is such a great dad.

While speaking of my parents I recently took them to Coney Island – another place my parents had not been to in a while. It is an amazing place to take kids and also to chill out with the family. There is so much history there and is just really fun.  Check out Coney Island and then not too far is the best pizza in Brooklyn L&B Spumoni gardens – grab a slice of Sicilian and a Spumoni and that is the best lunch / dinner ever !

mom and dad coney island 2 mom and dad coney island 5

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