It is nice to take advantage of the city summer when at times it feels a little less crowded maybe everyone escapes to far away places, summer houses and shares and to the beach.  We did see crowds of people at CITY STREETS but it was still a ton of fun ride our bikes through the tunnel near Grand Central Station. Then off to UMAMI burger we went. My friend Peter Lee first introduced me to this burger shop in LA and it was truly amazing – I remember my first truffle burger. Scott & I are on our Paleo August plan so it was great because they were totally cool with wrapping the burger in butter lettuce that was delicious.

* A tip if you are waiting to get into UMAMI near the West Village – just go and put your name in and then hang in the library across the way or the garden right behind it – it is such an incredible garden right across the way from ROSEMARYS.

Then we checked out PIER 57 on the way back which is so cool – I want to have a part there – it is just a very hip place – someone needs to have a fashion show there – it is a great place for a picnic – I really want to throw a party!

Then later on in the day we checked out what is going on now at the FRYING PAN – which has totally developed and is great – it opens at noon every day and is DOG FRIENDLY !!!  Right near there is a patch of grass that is vast and a great place to have a picnic or watch the sunset – a really cute carousel and it is just a few blocks away from COOK SHOP ( another dog friendly place).

All in all such a great summer day in New York City.

saturday 2saturday 5 saturday 6 saturday 7saturday 10 saturday 11 saturday 12 saturday 13 saturday 14 saturday 15 In the library they now have some of  those tiles that were up on the fence after 9/11 – anyone that passed them in the West Village might wonder where they are now and a good portion is at the library that is attached to the Jefferson Market Garden. saturday 16 saturday 17 saturday 18 saturday 20 saturday 21 saturday 22 Have you ever seen Polka dot plants they are in style like Kate Middelton and Jessica Alba who recently wore Polka Dotssaturday 23 saturday 24 saturday 25 City Streets – so cool to go through a usual car only tunnel that circles Grand Central Station saturday 26 I love my Italian turquoise bike saturday 27saturday 30

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