It is very easy to get to Long Beach, Long Island from NYC – you just take the train for about $18.00 round trip. It gets you there in about 30 – 40 minutes and once you get to the beach area you feel like you are on vacation.  It is very clean.

When you arrive by train you will see a Main Street that has some shops for food + a beach store in case you forgot anything you need.  Then you walk down to the water about three blocks.

You arrive and they will give you a beach badge for $12.00 per person.

Once you are on the beach if you don’t have a beach chair or umbrella you can rent for a chair it was about $10.00 a day and for an umbrella I believe a bit more. It is worth it if you don’t want to carry.

Scott and I opted to buy an umbrella for $24.00 at the beach shop + just use towels and some blankets and we were super comfortable.



I did think it was cool that the hotel was renting nice hotel lounge chairs that you can recline on for $25.00 each and umbrellas as well. So if you want the luxury experience there is one !

Security is tight so you can bring food and water etc but no liquor – this is not a party beach – it is very quiet and relaxing.  Just make sure not to sit next to girls gossiping and remember sound travels so even if they are a bit further away you still might hear them gabbing.  Pick a spot that doesn’t have as many people around and you will be golden.

Also the tide does come in- so even if you park yourself near the water make sure to be careful we almost lost some shoes into the water when the tide came in all of a sudden.


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