Scott & I went this morning thinking we would get there a 1/2 hour before the museum opens at 10:30 and we wouldn’t have to wait that long. The staff was saying that Members had a 6 hour wait and that Non – Members would be waiting even longer.  Looking back I think that was definitely an exaggeration but that is not to doubt that there would be a wait.

At 10:30 they let members and general admission that is there say by 10:15 into a line just for viewing.  That means you don’t get to walk in the rain but you do get to view the exhibition and take photos with the rain behind you.  It is not the same experience because once inside you wish you could be walking in the rain like the others but it is still a very cool experience.

Some things to note it costs $25.00 for an adult ticket so it is smarter so if you are going as a couple or with a bestie / family member it is almost better to purchase the membership at $80.00.  Guest tix are $5.00 each.  So instead of spending $50.00 we spent $85.00 today and will use the membership in order to go back to the rain room with the new info.  There is a members only viewing that starts at 9:30am – I am thinking if it is not overcrowded at that time you get to walk in the rain. I also was told if you go back during the week and line up a hour or 1.5 hours before opening or it is good to go for some reason at 2:30 that the wait is only 1.5 hours sometimes.  I don’t think there is a formula to this – I think you can just get lucky on how the crowds are at the time you go and timing but what you should expect to do if you don’t get there like some of the hardcore people do is to WAIT.  Bring water, a picnic, umbrellas, sunscreen, reading material, Catan etc.

Again the 10:30am viewing opportunity is a really nice option. I was able to capture some fun photos and I am grateful I had the experience.

me scott rain rain 2 rain 3 rain 4 rain 5rain 7rain 9 rain

I am glad I got the membership because I plan to go back and make it a Caravan Stylist Studio field trip with my crew and also it is easier now to take friends at least for the viewing part and it will only cost $5.00 a tix instead of $25.00 a tix so I will save money in the long run.

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