Jazz Age Lawn Party with St. Germain for Dad’s Day

I love having family time with my dad and my mother and I also loving the 1920s fashion, jazz and just the feeling like my dad said there were no worries.  We had a great day at Governers Island – no cares in the world.  We went to the annual Jazz Age Lawn Party and had a wonderful time.  Here are just some photos from our day: jazzageparentsThis sums it up – a great video by St – Germain

jazz 42
Meet the Follies jazz 40
jazz 37

Love her pants and shirt and she had the coolest sunglasses on jazz 36
My parents dancing jazz 35
jazz 33 Me and my dad jazz 31
jazz 30 jazz 28 This girl had an interesting outfit with banannas jazz 25
jazz 27jazz 24 Cute little table setting -they were perfectly styled as was their table setting jazz 23
jazz 22the grey dress is – A WALTER BAKER DRESS jazz 21
jazz 20 jazz 19jazz 16 jazz 15 jazz 14 jazz 13 jazz 12 Love her hair color and the dress jazz 11Such a pretty hat and dress jazz 9
jazz 7Bubbles

jazz 6jazz 5

This is a photo of the Sangria by St. Germain

jazz 4There it is the Champagne St. Germain cocktail so yummy jazz 3The bathing beauties contest jazz 1
I love the suit with the C on it – for Claudine DSC01913They are having another one in August I would highly recommend it to everyone – it was a true blast !

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