Scott & I ventured to the Governer’s Ball to see Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros – we definitely weren’t prepared…. my boots did stand the course a bit but Scott’s poor New Balance sneakers had a very dramatic day – we made the best of it! Enjoyed some Summer Shady + Asia Dog and caught the Kings of Leon before we left and took the ferry back to New York. Scott never went to a concert in the mud before – I did go to Woodstock in the 90s which was so bad – it was a ton muddier and I had to camp and everything so I was a pro – not really but I pretended I was a bit.
I usually take a lot of trend photos at the festivals – see girls with the flower headbands, feather head dresses, mix matched patterns, cute dresses, hats and more but there was some cute fashion this time around – I saw a girl with a very cool silver sequin top out on day 2 that looked like the casual version to do sequins and a girl with a great green floral skirt and a denim shirt draped so perfectly but what I did catch was a bunch of cool rain boot & other makeshift rain gear moments that I captured to remember GOVERNERS BALL 2013.

I loved these boots – they were so cool – a bit Dallas cheerleader – but so cool – so sad to see them get muddyDSC01270

Cute & a good fit DSC01273

Saw lots of flowered wellies DSC01272

Love the ode to the sailor anchor DSC01280 DSC01285 DSC01284DSC01294Had to have a pair with owls
DSC01297 DSC01300DSC01325 DSC01329 DSC01331

Oops saw them again on someone else DSC01341 DSC01342 DSC01355 DSC01377

Yeehaw people def got their cowboy boots muddy DSC01383

I wish you could see these close up – it was like kid wellies with some cartoon happening – I think with Cats or Dogs DSC01391 DSC01399 DSC01402 Saw these Polka Dot ones a bunch – there must have been a special on them somewhere or people dig colored polka dotsDSC01406

Me getting progessively muddier DSC01409 DSC01410 DSC01412 DSC01413 DSC01414 DSC01418 DSC01419DSC01444 DSC01438 DSC01445 DSC01452 DSC01453

Toms staying clean – I think this girl knew someone in the band and stood away from the mudDSC01468 DSC01473 DSC01457

How are these so clean?  I love the Cobalt. DSC01479

Peace Out with Your Wellies on – I saw these a bunch – this was a popular wellie DSC01475 DSC01485 DSC01496 DSC01511 DSC01537 DSC01539We made it through Day 1 we got on the ferry and headed back to 34th Street and on to Salvation Taco for a little dinner

DSC01394Me rocking my Zara MOI top, little shorts and Cacharel bag and of course @zoya_nailpolishDSC01498

I did get to see one of my favorite bands – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros DSC01266

Took a similiar pic last year DSC01483

So pretty from the ferry 
DSC01545Empire State Building – we see it from our apartment every night but it never gets old DSC01559

Day 2 the mud continues …..

love these rain boats with the hunting dog
DSC01576Love the Herringbone and the Contrast Color DSC01563Very futuristic – plastic & metallics
DSC01575Saw a lot of Dr. Martens out there DSC01574First sighting of a metallicDSC01572Love these so different egyptian meets madras DSC01571I love this one is a costume boot or for real – a little Game of Thrones – Robin Hood but totally rad ! DSC01617DSC01735

This guy was serious – no joke double effort on the plastic bags and tape DSC01588Platform creeper type shoes – this person must have had good balance
DSC01602 Saw lots of boots with grommets DSC01727Love the leopard print DSC01709Hunter with a festival twist – have to have a flower crownDSC01610Love these stripe boots DSC01599Betty Boop represented DSC01619DSC01611One of the biggest trend colors I saw in boots was purple and lavender  – there are people out there with a love for purple DSC01627There you go another pair of the metallics DSC01628Meeting of the crocs
DSC01634And another one joins a purple pair DSC01649Love these ! DSC01651Mustaches were well represented DSC01654Juicy Couture in the House Viva La Juicy DSC01664A pop of pink
DSC01669DSC01641Love these with the contrast zipper DSC01682Subway circles so cute – I wonder if this was functional too – that would be awesome DSC01679GEEKS ARE COOL
DSC01686DSC01692These boots were serious I took a close up – they looked like the world was ending – what does that side circle do turn into a parachute DSC01695DSC01696DSC01701DSC01711I think this girl fit into little kid boots
DSC01712These were the perfect height to show off a tattoo still DSC01713My favorite pair the American Flag Boots DSC01726All in all we had a blast. DSC01677Scott listening to the FOALS DSC01639DSC01750DSC01797I love Beirut – so amazing DSC01685DSC01732

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