Tribeca Film Festival’s THE DIRECTOR with James Franco

First let’s chat about the film THE DIRECTOR. This film is about  Frida Giannini, the Fashion Director of the House of Gucci.

I came out of this film extremely inspired.  I went to see it with my boyfriend, Scott, who is super supportive of what I do but I don’t think always understands what I do.  I think it was a great way for him to see how castings are done and fashion shows come together.  That is a big part of what I do now is fashion show production so it is nice for him to see what happens behind the scenes.

The film was created by Christina Voros with the help of James Franco.  It was beautifully filmed.  I liked that at one point Frida Giannini talks about how it wasn’t always easy for her family that they had to live frugally at one point in their life and that made me feel a lot better. It is very hard to be an entrepreneur and to have so many responsibilities and you must live lean so it was refreshing to know that sometimes you do go through tricky times to get to a better path.  Frida seemed super determined always knowing what she wants and I think was something to live by.  Sometimes especially in the fashion world it gets tricky because you are always looking at other’s accomplishments but it is important to focus on your own accomplishments and focus on your own work I believe.  I liked that someone said that Frida knows exactly what she wants and is very specific -that is something I want to strive to achieve – be specific and be confident in one’s choices – I think that gets you on the past of success faster as well.

James Franco is so interesting especially the fact he chose a role on General Hostipal as the eccentric “FRANCO”. On another GH note, I noticed that the dresses that they showed during the Gucci documentary were these  famous ruffle dresses like the one Brenda Barrett wore on her return to General Hostipal’s 50th anniversary celebration for the Nurses Ball. It was this incredible red dress.  Brenda Barrett is played by Vanessa Marcil who is very chic herself and has worn designer clothes several times during her appearances as Brenda and of course in real life.  Brenda Barrett on General Hostipal is known as this incredible super model that is loved by many men especially the sexy Sonny Corinthos.  I found this one photo thanks to Ellanista –

In the film they speak of the importance of dressing celebrities and even how / why James Franco became part of the brand almost as a muse.

This all was equally inspiring.  I guess I am considered a stylist now and I love what I do. I work with amazing actors and actresses that are doing great projects at Tribeca or great films in the big theaters or great tv programming.  I continually believe that the best thing a designer can do for their brand is put it in front of creatives and influencers and have them wear it.  Even if you don’t know a new tv star – watch out one day you will know them and everyone will be talking about them. I really do believe in the power of dressing influencers.  It was nice to hear that in a way Frida does too.

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