I found my favorite area of Paris – Montmartre – I went to this area before but to the “tourist” part never to all the side streets – this area feels like your in this vintage part of Paris mixed with so much modern day culture. When we talk about a place that you can feel and see art – this place is Montmartre. It has a spirit that is so true and if you crave to be around creatives this is the place. It makes sense that some of the most famous artists lived here and worked here.

Today there seems to be organized artist communes as well as the square where you can purchase art from so many amazing artists but if you walk up and down the streets you see something tres cool – street art ! Street artists from around the world come and place their art throughout the streets.

This is a great article –


It is such an interesting area with the famous Moulin Rouge

DSC08744DSC08752 DSC08753 DSC08754DSC08747

Check this out : a Space Invader and someone tried to walk away with a piece of street art that happens a lot here I hear ! 

This was done by the city  – it is the story on how we need to use our creativity more and not focus on material possessionsDSC08763 DSC08765 DSC08767 DSC08774

One of my favorite pieces – we saw a few by this artist


One of us must know 

DSC08780 I love this one DSC08781 DSC08783 DSC08784

Mosko,streetart/InterestingDSC08786 DSC08787 DSC08788 DSC08789 DSC08790 DSC08791 DSC08794 DSC08797 DSC08798 DSC08801 DSC08802 DSC08803 DSC08804 DSC08805

There is a trend of vans getting artistic during the night DSC08806

This is so beautiful 


I dreamed of being in a rock & roll band 


Check out oakoak
DSC08812 DSC08813

This little ship was anchored by another artist DSC08814 DSC08815 DSC08816

I love this one these could be band names that stamp the streets of Montmartre after or before a show DSC08818

Gregos –


There are adorable stores throughout MontmartreDSC08823 DSC08826 DSC08828 you can see several windmills DSC08830 even the way they did their holiday lights was artistic with this ball and lights hanging down DSC08831

See the gregos face DSC08833 DSC08835 Beautiful Marilyn Monroe and an interesting fact of where that famous photo of Marilyn Monroe was captured of her skirt in the air – DSC08840 DSC08841

This reminds me of this : 

DSC08844 DSC08845 DSC08846 DSC08848 DSC08849 DSC08851 DSC08852

Baubo masks DSC08853

au marche de la butte 56, rue des Trois Frères. – Who could forget the mean Monsieur Collignon from ‘Amélie Poulain’? DSC08855 DSC08856 DSC08860 DSC08866 DSC08863 DSC08870


The man who could walk through walls –

I love these deer within the tree DSC08888

DSC08887 DSC08895 DSC08896

My favorite was this monkey so amazing DSC08900 DSC08901 DSC08905 DSC08906 DSC08908 This beautiful church that kept us warm DSC08909 DSC08912 DSC08917 DSC08920 DSC08921

One of my favorite places on the trip I went to was this bakery shop boulangerie – this is amazing ! 

3. Les Petits Mitrons bakery
Les Petits Mitrons bakery
26, rue Lepic. Easy to miss among the bustling shops of rue Lepic in Montmartre, this bakery proposes good viennoiseries (pain au chocolat, croissants, pain aux raisins, chaussons aux pommes, etc), good bread, and tarts galore, all invitingly displayed in the bakery window. The fondants au chocolat (rich chocolate cake with a liquid center) are divine and of several varieties here: pure dark chocolate, chocolate with walnuts, and chocolate with pears. Not to mention the variety of savory tarts. Mmm! from

DSC08923 DSC08925 DSC08930 DSC08931 DSC08933 DSC08934 DSC08935 DSC08936DSC08949 Thank you to Pierre our tour guide again you can find his tour check out his blog on :

An adorable concept store had this sign in the windowDSC08948DSC08880 DSC08750 DSC08749

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