Every NYE I take time and go through all my journals / books.  I rip things out of magazines, newspapers, etc all year long and I store them in a cabinet in my apartment.  Most of them are cool shots of great styling or cool hair or a cool new book I pulled out to read – it is just nice once a year to go through images that I liked this year and go through all my old journals.  I have been organizing these journals and folders I believe for the last 20 years I think almost – these papers/ clippings are a part of my world.  I like to keep them organized and like to go back and see which papers I want to keep and what might not interest me anymore.  I store old horoscopes, fortune cookie sayings and just business cards from restaurants I enjoyed along the way.

I take the time to reflect on my year.  I was thinking about this last night and I said to my boyfriend that 2012 treated me pretty good.
I think 2011 was a bit tricky but it also allowed me to pave the way to new beginnings in the end.  In December 2010, a type of spirtual believer told me I was about to face some changes and I would be doing more of what I love in the future.  In June 2011, I went to Peru and a shaman read my tea leaves and told me something similiar.  In October 2011, I found out what they meant I opened Caravan Stylist Studio.  I opened with the encouragement of family and friends and I had a great first year. It was a bit challenging at times as everything but all in all it was a great first year.  I also joined  an extremely awesome PR agency and worked on awesome accounts and learned how to work as a team and met some amazing men & women who have taught me a lot over the last year.

peru looking down

Career wise things were great this year.

I moved in with my boyfriend this year into an apartment we love that has incredible views of the city and it is like a vacation every day we come home – sitting down and enjoying the view.

my view

I started to cook more and juice more which are always part of my NYE resolutions.

I took up Cross Fit which I love and will hope to go more like 4 – 5 times a week then 3 – 4 times a week like I did in 2012.

I learned the sense of community as you work out and being part of a team in a way in a gym format.  I learned new strengths and things I need to work on.

I participated in a RUGGED MANIAC again this year and it was such a hot day but I finished the race and was very proud of myself


I spent a good deal of time with my parents – I wish I could always spend more time with them but I spent some fun times with them and created new memories from our Montauk trip, to our kite flying to just last night our game of Catan.

montauk rushmeyers

I have spent a nice amount of time meeting new people between Scott’s friends and family and all have been so welcoming and  I am extremely grateful for them.

I believe I spent some nice times with friends – I saw a best friend get engaged this year, another best friend expect her first child,other best friends showed me how they continue to be such wonderful moms to their children and another best friend showed me how important it is to find the things you love to do in life and how you can constantly discover new things in life. I enjoyed time with a work friend that I know for many years and adore her.  I also loved spending time with all my friends from LA that come and visit me and that I care for so much !!! I had the opportunity to spend time with another good friend who has a successful clothing company but always finds time for me – she is such an amazing person !  I had my High School Reunion that was so much fun and got to reconnect with an old friend and do something new like take her daughters to The American Girl store – so much fun. I learned sometimes we don’t get to spend that much time with people who mean a ton to us but when you do make it matter – we created memories


I met so many amazing designers and feel like I really did help a lot of emerging designers with the work I do.  I had the opportunity to be featured in my favorite fashion newspaper WWD about the studio and recently on NY1. This was so incredible

Fashion District Caravan Stylist Studio Logo

I was a part of this project CNNCTD+ by helping with PR and finding designers to be involved and saw the amazing talent duo that put it all together and is CNNCTD+


I helped curate a show for Junk Food Art House for MONOPOLY and I produced several fashion shows during STYLE 360 including the Daisy Fuentes show which was an amazing opportunity.

STYLE360 Presents Monopoly By Junk Food Art House "Money Can't Buy Happiness" Fashion Show

I dressed so many amazing people this year for red carpet events, premieres, dinners, press events, tv appearances and more and was so happy to do that

Caravan Stylist Studio celebrated with over 20+ events throughout the year

This year I became a certified scuba diver which I thought I would never do, I saw with dolphins and I explored a new place – Istanbul. I took some really great weekend trips and had the opportunity to ski amazingly fresh snow during Sundance.  I tried TRAPEZE thanks to LARA BAR

dolphin 6

trapeze two

I spent some time with other important people in my life from cooking them dinners to seeing plays with them and spent a lot of time with my cousin, Vinny who is so awesome.  I rode bikes with one of my favorite friends and his son ! I had brunch with some good friends from school and gossiped **

I heard from some old friends from school and this meant more then they know ! Sometimes I feel like my old life has faded away but then these friends remind me they still care so that means a ton to me.

I did have a very big loss in my life Mr. Corinthos passed this year my little dog after 16 years and I realized how many lives he touched from all the nice notes I received.  Miss Barrett continues to keep Scott and I on our toes and we just recently welcomed little Noel in our lives.  They seem to be having fun and we have fun watching them have fun !

corinthos 5


Looking back 2012 was a pretty kick butt year ! I plan to make 2013 even bigger and better!

At the end of it all I have a great love who I am so lucky came into my life, I have my parents, family and friends and that makes any year a great year !

scott holding handsWishing everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year and hoping for the best in 2013!

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