Scott & I both love Paris but we never went together so after London – Istanbul we decided to stop in Paris en route home.  We had three full days to really absorb everything we love about the French culture!

It was pretty funny one of the first shops I saw was Cupcakes & Smoothies – I heard later that the French saw that we were having a cupcake craze in the US and they wanted to have shops dedicated to cupcakes too — this one was funny called Miss Cupcake – my childhood dog that my brother adopted for me was Miss Cupcake !

I love all the street art in Paris and thought this was very cool a little Rock & Roll Elvis 


Scott introduced me to this cool app called FIELD TRIP it is awesome because it tells you about cool places around you while you are walking or driving past them in a taxi – it geo populates info he saw there was a placed called CARAVANE similiar to Caravan – a very cool design store – it had a lot of beautiful items I wanted ! 


I love Elephants and saw these guys just hanging out in front of a restaurant so took their photo as we passed by 


The perfect photo of an artiste at work in the streets of Paris 


The beautiful scenes of Paris are everywhere it really is such a romantic city 


Then off to Pain d’ Epices the home of the incredible 

Berthillion ice cream ice cream in the very cool Marais area 

DSC08353 DSC08358

That evening we had dinner at a very yummy restaurant called Le Bistrot Du Peintre 


We were so glad we sat upstairs because our waiter was so funny – one of the most memorable waiters 

DSC08372 DSC08385

It was so cool to see snow while in Paris – it snowed overnight so we got to enjoy the aftermath of some snow !


Scott had to have his first try at Laudaree the amazing palace for macaroons and a very delightful breakfast ! 


Then off to one of my favorite shops in Paris – MERCI – one of the last times I was in Paris I met the owner of this incredible shop and she was very lovely and I have visited it now several times DSC08411

We found these letters we loved from old license plates – VINTAGE MAGNETIC LETTERS DSC08413

Their gift wrapping and packaging is incredible at MERCI 


The graphic in this jacket was incredible – I love these type of drawings DSC08422

I found these fun bracelets before in Paris but never black & white they are super cool ! DSC08424 We loved this chair made from all sorts of comic books – we loved TIN TIN was featured DSC08429

 love Brooklyn Tins wallpaper and was so psyched to see them featured here DSC08432DSC08433

You see a lot of Space Invaders all over Paris it is so neat DSC08438

I believe the idea of a true concept store came from PARIS from Colette – where there is a mix of everything from books, art, cameras, sneakers, beauty, clothes etc while walking around we saw this adorable “concept store” SAM – it had a lot of cute items 

DSC08441 DSC08442 DSC08443

I always love this changing exhibit it is done by the owner of 

Images and Portraits and across the street Café Charlot


It was so cold this day we were walking around and we wanted to visit the market – 

Marches des Enfants Rouge – off theRue de Bretagne – Paris’ oldest covered market  but it was way cold but we found the sweetest restaurant where we went in and had delicious soups in mason jars !

DSC08450 DSC08452

We love to juice and we love veggies – it is so exciting to see all the beautiful veggie stands in Paris

DSC08456 DSC08454 DSC08457 DSC08463 DSC08466

I saw a lot of Scooters being used by adults – I love that – something I am considering doing in 2013 


We heard about Bob’s  juice bar and it was DELICIOUS !! Definitely get your Kale on here DSC08471 DSC08472Then off to something very special – Vedettes du Pont – Neuf – the bridge of LOVE – it is a place you go to place a lock and through the keys in the Seine – I found this little video that shows how many people go and declare their love here – 

DSC08474 DSC08477 DSC08485 DSC08486

Here is Scott getting our little lock ready DSC08489

We have been added ! Yay ! DSC08492

I love our lock ! DSC08497

Now we are pretty cold so we need to go to get some refuge and we go to the famous CAFE DE FLORE where I enjoy a very yummy eclair ! I highly recommend this place – it was visited by many famous writers – you may get some inspiration here

Then we were walking by and I was so happy to get my hands on some of the SHU UMEMURA pieces that Karl Lagerfeld collaborated on – I got the lipgloss and the nailpolish – so awesome !

DSC08520 DSC08539That night we had dinner at my favorite restaurant in Paris called THE CRISTAL ROOM which is part of the Baccarat Estate and has a gallery inside the restaurant
DSC08545 DSC08548 DSC08547 DSC08554 DSC08564 DSC08567 DSC08571DSC08578 DSC08597

The next morning we had an incredible breakfast at CLAUS – which a visit to Paris won’t be complete without going here – so yummy and lovely service and well designed – I loved it ! 


Right after it was so sweet we ran into a Christmas festival and we saw tap dancers, and drum players it was so much fun ! DSC08684DSC08703

I love going to this area of Paris – DSC08718 DSC08711

Then off to the original concept store – COLETTE they were celebrating Monsieur Madame DSC08728

It was lovely to see Christmas lights in Paris and snow but it is true we passed this place that had this sign in it ! DSC08735

Beautiful Paris : DSC08736

I love the show 2 BROKE GIRLS and they bought a purple oven and I saw one -so rad ! DSC08738

I had to go to Karl Lagerfeld’s book store – I didn’t even know he had one – it was a lovely store 


In the area there are a lot of great galleries ! 

DSC08742I recently read this book I bought in one of my favorite stores Anthropologie – bu Janelle McCulloch – Paris – I took notes and these are some of the places we visited – there are many great suggestions in the book – you should check it out if you are visiting my favorite city 🙂 

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