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april report 2As temperatures drop, winter fashion heats up.  Industry insiders—celebrity stylists, fashion editors and more—provide can’t-miss tips for looking good while staying warm.

 2.  Layer – but do it right

The practical fashionista is layering this season—an art paramount to winter fashion, and to transitioning a look from the chilly sidewalk to the often stuffy office.  Jacobson suggests “a leather skirt with wool tights and a cashmere turtleneck topped with a belt and beautiful coat to the knee.”

Chic boots to the knee and a sweater with a tank top underneath can also help you look good and stay warm.  “Layering is another way to look really chic—a leather piece, a cap, lots of bangles, a collar—all these layers can be worn in a way that looks really pulled together.  It’s easy to do and great for traveling,” agrees Claudine DeSola, a fashion consultant, stylist and owner of Caravan Stylist Studio.

 5.  Mix brands and try “high/low” pairing

Fashion is a vehicle for self-expression, and creatively matching pieces from different designers and retailers allows people to reveal their true personality.  Experts predict we’ll see frequent pairing of expensive pieces with more affordable items.  “Start with an expensive item and then put together an ensemble that is a mixture of different designs, an H&M top with a skirt and leggings, for example.  You can’t tell what’s expensive and what’s not now.  There is such good production and design,” says Gore Reeves.

DeSola even uses this technique when dressing clients.  “It’s all about how you pair things.  Look at blogs and see how they’re doing it.  They’re a great source of information.  You don’t want to overdo an outfit, but you don’t want it to be too simple either,” she explains.

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