I love to shop and find great finds and shopping in Istanbul was made fun with these bazaars & markets

DSC07853 DSC07889 DSC07876DSC07866 DSC07881 DSC07882 DSC07885 DSC07867 DSC07895 DSC07890 DSC07899 DSC07901 DSC07904 DSC07909 DSC07910 DSC07915 DSC07917 DSC07911

I bought a ring that is beautiful from this awesome guy ! You can find incredible jewelry for $20.00 – items that some of stores here would sell 4x as much !



and some scarves from CASHMERE HOUSE – Istanbul’s bazaar offers a ton of beautiful scarves beyond scarves I bought awesome cotton HAREM pants – Harem pants are so comfortable and I think so chic !


Then off to the spice markets

DSC07924 DSC07927 DSC07934

They love dried fruits – this is dried apricots and pistachios

DSC07936 DSC07937 DSC07943 DSC07955 DSC07958 DSC07947

Istanbul is known for strong teas and incredible coffee – when in ISTANBUL this is the famous coffee maker – go here and bring your friends and family coffee home :

DSC07962 DSC07964 DSC07966

We had dinner that night in TUNEL right up the street from our hotel at this incredibly yummy place called

Sofyali 9 and then came out with many choices for our appetizers and then what we loved is you receive a wireless mouse

when you would like attention from the waiter you hit the button – such an interesting concept



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