FASHION GIRL LOVES ISTANBUL – so many shops, textiles and colors to see

The next day we woke up and we went to the GALATA tower and walked around this hip area called CHIGIR – I highly recommend visiting this area – lots of cute coffee shops and it is super sweet &  cute

There are a lot of cute boutiques and designer stores in this area- if you like fashion and authentic little gifts from places you travel visit all of these shops at CHIGIR

DSC08017 DSC08015 DSC08009 DSC08008 DSC08007

Such cute displays these little animals with bracelets and necklaces draped over them : DSC08018

There is very cool street art here too:

DSC08032DSC08006 DSC08005 DSC08004DSC08028 DSC08027 DSC08026DSC08024 off to the tower and to see the beautiful views:

DSC08033 DSC08040DSC08049 DSC08047 DSC08046 DSC08043 DSC08042 DSC08051It was so neat to see the streets and everyone rushing to work – take out is literally someone carrying trays to the businesses doors – as you walk up and down the busy streets you see men carrying big trays with teas to different business owners – you see this within the market too

DSC08053 DSC08055 DSC08054We had to of course try ice cream – you know I am a huge fan of ice cream and I had some amazing chocolate, carmel, nut ice cream – wow the name of the place is VERA FRESCA – if you are in ISTANBUL you need to try it – holy moly !

DSC08092 DSC08098 DSC08099 DSC08095 DSC08079next was  a little journey on a boat ride along the Bosphorous

DSC08150DSC08190DSC08225DSC08109 Cats galore


Then off for a snack at THE FALLS restaurant

DSC08260They had this book of maps there so pretty

DSC08270Then we decided to visit a Hammam – when I was in Morocco I went to one and it was an incredible experience – this one not so much for some reason – I think they can be wonderfully relaxing but if you are going to go spend the money and go to a nice one – if you just go to one and spend $30.00 all you will get is a towel and be put in a room with some steam – that is it – it wasn’t even that hot – so I think a Turkish bath is a good idea but I would indulge and spend money if you are going to go – at least on the way we saw some cool street art again

DSC08303 DSC08293 DSC08285 DSC08273 DSC08272That night we ate at this wonderful restaurant called Antioche that had amazing food – I highly recommend it.


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