Day 2 was our tour day – we decided to do all the sites in one day so we could relax the third day and not be on a time schedule

The first stop was the Blue Mosque – it was beautiful to see but it was raining out so we had to walk everywhere with an umbrella – I recommend to visit Istanbul in the summer time –


look at this architecture and attention to detail

DSC07727 DSC07729DSC07750 DSC07737

there are so many dogs and cats everywhere – reminded us of our little Barrett


Then we went to visit the Hagia Sophia museum – once a church then a Mosque now a museum

DSC07807 DSC07803 DSC07775 DSC07816


This angel was once covered but they then restored it such an interesting piece of art DSC07796

Next up was a place I recognized from the James Bond film From Russia with Love – such an interesting place – there is a myth there about these two Medusa statues – such an interesting story The flooded underground chamber which takes Bond and Bey under the ‘Russian Consulate’ (where those unobservant Russians fail to notice there’s a periscope poking through the floor) is real, too. It’s the Yerebatan Sarnici – Basilica Cistern – inSultanahmet Square. It’s been restored and is now open as a museum.

DSC07832 DSC07849 DSC07843

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