I can be such a royal pain in the butt – I have a million questions / concerns/ doubts — most people see me as a pretty chill person I think but not my friend Kerri – she has seen me through it all. I am such a nag – but I hope she knows if she ever needs me I will be there in a FLASH!

I am a lucky girl because I have several besties  ( ladies and dudes you know who you are ! you are all awesome ! ) that I would do anything for – they are all amazing people.

Kerri with her humor and laughter and realistic approach to life makes everything more awesome. She also makes amazing meatballs and red velvet cupcakes to boot.  She is the neatest most organized person I know and she has one of the biggest smiles you will ever see.

Today is her birthday and I hope she is having a wonderful day with her pups and loved one !

I am so thankful for having her in my life – no gift could ever show how much this lady means to me.

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