CARAVANGIRL is about what I LOVE and what do I love more then my LOVED ones so here it goes –

I was so happy to get this email this morning :

so i made a shake with carrots, kale , blackberry,and pineapple,cinnamon- it was good but what vegs can i use other then carrots and kale for shakes i cant find that link you sent me …..


MOM ! 

I would say that I bought into the “ORGANIC REVOLUTION”  pretty early on – I was fortunate at the time to work with a a lot of clients and their PR campaigns that focused around words like holistic, eco and organic.  I think I was definitely learning more then the average consumer.  I always worked out – some years more then others.  Other then social drinking, eating sweets especially ice cream – I wasn’t in terrible health. I definitely as we all should incorporate more VEGGIES into my diet.  As each year passes, I learn more and more how I should be incorporating more greens in my DIET.

I would say this year with the support of my boyfriend, Scott I got even healthier – just working out more hard core with CROSS FIT, cooking more for ourselves so we know what we are eating, getting a VITAMIX and making healthy natural non dairy ice cream at night with CACAO, drinking more GREEN TEA and just incorporating more veggies into our diet.

We went PALEO for a month which definitely made me feel lighter – it was a great challenge and we are on a path to learn more about that by reading QUANTUM PALEO and trying to learn more about PALEO.

We recently watched FOOD MATTERS:


What I realized is ok Claudine you are doing ok – you should definitely go out and get yourself a new VITAMIN C that is strong  and just eat more VEGGIES and DRINK MORE WATER ! But what I did realize even more is how these films affected my thoughts on how I could help my parents.

My parents are your traditional Italian parents from Brooklyn that now transported to Staten Island. They eat three meals a day – they eat thinking it is time to eat and my mom cooks amazing meals – but I don’t think she was thinking wow we need to eat more veggies.

My dad unfortunately was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer over two years ago and he is in good health now after chemotherapy and radiation but we obviously want him to live a very long life. I pray for my dad and we have prayed together at Church. Praying as helped I believe but what else can we do to make sure he stays healthy!  My dad is an awesome guy who I adore and I need him around  – so what can I do to improve my dad’s chances to live to 200 !  I need to watch what he eats… the same with my mom – she isn’t the best eater – she thinks eating a bagel with butter and a glass of orange juice in the morning is breakfast.

Over the summer I started preaching to them by taking them to Trader Joes and showing them how to switch to Coconut Milk, non butter, Virgin Extra Olive Oil, non sugar cereal etc – we made a few changes in their diet for the better.

Now it is November and I feel like after showing them FOOD MATTERS they are on their way to a healthier lifestyle.

They stayed with me over the last few days and I showed them how to incorporate VEGGIES and GREENS and herbs etc into their diets.  We spoke about Cashews and Brazil Nuts and super foods like ACAI and GOJI BERRY.  We drank shakes with Kale, Pumpkin and Blueberry.

We went to Whole Foods and we went through ways to change your diet – Grass Fed meat, Cage Free Organic Eggs, Organic Fruits and Veggies.

The biggest problem is yes this stuff is more EXPENSIVE but it saves your life and in the end maybe will save them money on less medicine.  I believe you can cure yourself from the inside by eating better foods and in the end saving your life.

I got lucky my parents aren’t stubborn and they are willing to learn. My mom is the queen of research and follow-through – she doesn’t give up.  I think she realizes this can make them live longer.

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A while ago, I got my mom emailing and I now give her daily jobs to help me with the studio – I do it because like I said a million times over my mom is the best worker be out there – but it also is good to help her mind. Keep her on her feet.

Now the next step in this journey is getting them to meditate and exercise a little.  That will be our journey in the NEW YEAR.

If you love someone – get them to JUICE – look in their  Refrigerator and help them make a change !



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