Scott & I love watching films that have a good rotten tomato rating.  We just watched GAME CHANGE finally – yes because it got a great rating + Julianne Moore looked amazing at the Emmys so figured it was time to watch that ! Such a good flick.  Then Scott heard about   “SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED”.  This film doesn’t look super high budget as far as special effects but it has a talented cast and it was really just a fun movie with an interesting story.  Think about it – what if you could go back in time?  What date would you go to & would you go by yourself or would you go with a time machine partner?  I think it would be cool to go back in time and be Coco Chanel’s friend somehow potentially just for a little bit but at the same time- that might screw up where I am right now.  There are times when we all wish we could escape, go back in time, stop time, or go forward.  Most of those decisions are likely based on stress, relationships, health, wealth and happiness.  I definitely have stresses – we all do but at the same time I am so grateful for the place I am in now – I have a lot of happiness. We always need to remember Safety is not always Guaranteed.  You might have a bumpy ride through life but it is a ride nevertheless.  Some of us are definitely luckier then others that is for sure – there are just lucky people out there.  Some of us are definitely unluckier then others – that is  just not fair.  Yet for those that are somewhere in the middle, it is our choice to make the most out of life.  Enjoy the small things, wish for the great things and try to stay healthy and happy!

Also what I learned is we are all a little crazy sometimes.  We are all not perfect.  We also don’t know what anyone else is really thinking or feeling.  We just need to be.  Sometimes it is good to be a little crazy sometimes… that is what you will see a spark of in this film – it is laughable but also magical !


On the same note – I started checking out this fun design blog Sacramento Street and then found the writer’s pinterest – Caitlin Fleming – she has so many good word boards on her pinterest – that are just fun and inspirational – check it out !

These word boards are all from her awesome pinterest –

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