I am a huge fan of “food” bars that are a quick – healthy treat.  Lara Bar is one of of my favorites.  I was able to meet the founder as well as hang with an amazing group of editors and bloggers this Friday. It was the opportunity to not only “learn a new trick” but it was a really fun bonding event.  It is definitely a scary adventure – going up a pretty tall ladder and then the thought of “FLYING” in the air, hanging upside down and then dropping into a net.  It is definitely something that gets your adrenaline going but the group that LARA BAR curated and brought together was so wonderful. Everyone was so kind and supportive of one another and we all got up there and did it ! We were all trapezing within the first hour of class ! It was quite amazing.

Once I was finished with my trapeze adventure I enjoyed the new UBER Lara Bars that are amazing – CHERRY COBBLER – is incredible – I just read that tart cherries help you have a good night’s sleep – I don’t know if that is true but I would eat this bar anytime of day multiple times of day.

I especially loved hearing about GREEN HALLOWEEN which I was so happy to hear they are participating in – check out more info here –

Some photos from the experience :


me on some stilts – I am off to the circus with my special sweatshirt from my dear friend


the wonderful group that all enjoyed TRAPEZE time together


The awesome professionals that gave us a little show after :

I thank Ashley and everyone that was so kind and invited me to join them.  It was  a bit chilly out and they even picked us up some tea and I had the most perfect saying on mine:

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