My boyfriend was so excited because he could see the kites flying a top port authority from our apartment.  Then when we were on top of port authority we could see our apartment it was so cool.

My parents, Scott & I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon flying our little red kite that FASHION CENTER not only provided but helped us put together.

It was such an incredibly organized event and so many wonderful treats for the kids from jugglers to face painting to even decorating your kite !

I remember going kite flying with my Dad when we lived in Brooklyn it was such a memorable day. Today we got to share that activity again but this time with Scott as well !!

My parents are my rock eventhough I drive them bonkers sometimes- my dad’s legs aren’t as good as they were but he ran around today and got that kite to fly – we all did.  My mom caught some wind and we all did! We all ran and made our little red FASHION CENTER kite fly !

I thank the FASHION CENTER for putting such an incredible event together – community events are so wonderful and this one especially creative. I thank RYAN DALY for always being such a wonderful person to see and chat with and he helped organize this whole event so congrats to him and everyone involved in making it come together.

Some photos from the day:

so cool to see the reflections in the mirrored buildings next to the Port Authority

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