I recently was invited by someone that handles social media to the C.Wonder store – Columbus Circle.

I have been missing out !

This store is really SEE WONDER.  It is bright and cheerful and you want to buy everything! It is playful and it evokes your emotions.

I already loved COLUMBUS CIRCLE – one of my buddies works at the FACE STOCKHOLM there and BOUCHON is there which is incredible and Per Se and Jazz at Lincoln Center. I like to take out of town family and friends there to see this interesting prospective of Central Park. Plus hello there is a WHOLE FOODS downstairs. Now there is something that makes this special place of Columbus Circle even more special – C. Wonder.

I am always about the customer experience and this place is like Disneyland – everyone is happy and you don’t know where to look – there is so much amazing product.  If you know me you know I love it when retailers push the envelope and give people something to walk away with and C.Wonder gives their customers a ton of spunk!  Coming from creating Caravan I like it when other retailers give their customers an “EXPERIENCE”.

A merchandising genius jumped inside that store and put it all together where there is this flow of permanent shopping  high.

There is a ton of color but it feels good. It is not overwhelming it beautifully curated and merchandised.

There is a store in SoHo that I was never in it for some reason I am glad my first experience was Columbus Circle because this felt so special. There are these really beautiful rainbow giraffes and the dressing room area reminds me of my little Barrett – with this cool repetitive dog print everywhere.

C. Wonder has this fun flair that Jonathan Adler brings but it is different and truly it is it’s own. It is very special in its own right.

The event was done so well so I would like to thank Talun for inviting me. The staff was so cheerful – there was the most incredible donuts from Bouchon- I didn’t indulge because of the Paleo diet I am dealing with this month because of cross fit but they looked so sweet !

On the way out, I overheard Chris Burch, the creator of C. Wonder speaking to some of his staff or security I am not really sure –  and he was thanking them for their work and he was so sincere and kind – it was so nice to hear – he seems like an awesome leader and obviously has a very colorful brilliant mind.

For all my friends out there who have not gone to C. Wonder treat yourself and go on the asap and if you have children it is a great place to bring them because there is so much amazing color stimulation!

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