I met Sarah Thomas through my friends Alysia Reiner and David Alan Basche and was so lucky. This trio is a talented bunch!

She did so much from acted, wrote and co-produced BACKWARDS.

I met her when we were picking out some fun dresses for her to wear during her interviews and events when she is out there sharing the story of BACKWARDS.

I loved that my friends Alysia and David star in it – Alysia has this very soothing acting skill that is amazing and David is totally hysterical in it.  Both of them are amazing actors. Alysia wore a beautiful THEIA dress to the premiere – loved it !

You love Sarah in this film – you feel all her emotions with her.

I did find myself getting teary eyed during it so that is always the sign of a good film when it taps your emotions.

I was invited to the premiere which I am so thankful to have been thought of and I sat in front of some USA rowing team Olympians and I think that brought it home as well – these athletes are so dedicated to their sport and to their team- it is truly amazing, the dedication and discipline they see.

The quality of this film is incredible from the colors, to the cinematography to the sounds – it is very special.

This film is inspiring and shows the true journey of someone that finds happiness.

This is my story – happiness isn’t always where your original journey is taking you sometimes the new directions take you to even more happiness that you could ever imagine !

Keep your heart and mind open!

Also something else rather cool – Sarah’s mom in the film is Margaret Colin – Blair Waldorf’s mom on GOSSIP GIRL. I loved her in this film – she is so awesome and she seems like such a lovely person so that was another exciting element.

Sarah pulled some amazing pieces from QUINCY ( a NEW YORK MADE designer), a very cool dress from THEIA, a lace dress from ELIZA J, a great dress from TAYLOR and a very cool lace and black dress that looks incredible on her from EVA FRANCO.  I can’t wait to see photo of her rocking some of our favorite designers.

Some photos from the premiere :

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