During the madness of FNO, Chic caught up with Claudine DeSola of Caravan Studio for the scoop on locally made fashion…

How should people “preserve” fashion?
Save the Garment Center! They’re trying to bring people together to create more factories and jobs related to fashion in New York.

the fashion industry? Is it the same thing as preserving?
We are evolving the fashion industry to a new level, through Caravan Stylist Studio, which I like to call the Andy Warhol factory for fashion designers.

Ha! What is it, exactly? 
it’s just a space in the middle of the Garment Center where designers can use for press shows, previews, fittings.

Who gets to use it? 
A lot of people have the keys right now. I’m very giving with my keys!

Are you “New York Made”?
I am! I’m wearing Tucker! I’m New York born, from Brooklyn, Staten Island, which I’m proud of. Everybody is always like, ‘Staten Island’?!

* I live in HUDSON YARDS now – I LOVE it – right near the FASHION DISTRICT !!


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