Stacy and  I used to do our fashion shows together a long time ago – we would have so much fun.
Now she draws a crowd of 1,000 people and not only shows the crowd a fashion show but shows them a party and a concert. She had Wyclef Jean perform along with the so cute Cris Cab and Jarina De Marco – so much talent in one room !

I was telling someone that this is a show where you feel EMOTION to the brand. You feel like I want to get into my boy meets girl hoodie and I want to support this designer.  It is a collection that you feel positive about and shouldn’t that be the goal with the clothes you put on – that you feel good in them and they make you look good and bonus they make you SMILE.

Stacy’s collection always has done that for so many people but tonight she showed how it does that when everyone was standing up and cheering and dancing and smiling.

It was truly amazing !

For everyone that works so hard on STYLE 360 they should be proud tonight from David Manning to the amazing Shannon Davidson and Al Silvestri – I have seen STYLE 360 grow for the last 7+ years and tonight showed what it has become – it is 2012 – it is about energy and excitement and the show. You gave people something to get excited about when they were tweeting and facebooking not just I saw another fashion show.  This was an experience.  I love the experience and this was it to the hundredth power !

Stacy isn’t just an awesome person but she is someone who inspires others to be awesome and to DREAM BIG.  I hope that we have that in common – she is sweet all the time. I am more about tough love sometimes when I tell people to Dream Big – I expect they step up to the plate to get into the game. Stacy definitely is more patient. But we always try to push people toward their dreams in our own way.  She has a quote in her program – “May you always be courageous, stand upright and be strong. May you stay forever young.” – Bob Dylan. I know Stacy lives to the fullest and is so young at heart and it is amazing to stand next to her and feel that energy !! Way to go Stacy – such an amazing curated show !

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