AHHH – finally complete ! At least my fashion show work week. I have one more event at the studio tomorrow evening but for now ahhhhh rest and red wine. After styling about a dozen actors/ musicians this week – I also helped organize the models and back of house happenings for BONKUK KOO an DAISY FUENTES.
It was a hectic week from organizing events to our FNO party to a blogger / influencer event at the studio to having clients visiting to casting and handling the production for 2 major shows. It was a lot but we are now done and it is time to watch a new show I am trying to get into called COPPER.  The costume design for this show is magnificent and the storyline is pretty solid so far – keeps you thinking.

I handled production for the BONKUK KOO show who was picked by ELLE magazine to have his own fashion show at STYLE 360. He has amazing talent.  I helped find all the models, booked them and then helped him prepare for his first show.
Today I helped organize the DAISY FUENTES back of house – with over 20+ models and lots of excitement backstage – you can see me backstage working. First step is booking all the models, next is making sure they all arrive, next is keeping everything on schedule for rehearsals to hair * makeup to manis and pedis right on set.  Then it is organizing your dressers and making sure everyone keeps organized. There are a lot of quick changes and a very small area to work in. It went beautifully – we received rave reviews.  I loved organizing the show ! Daisy Fuentes is such a wonderful person and her collection looked beautiful. Personally I would wear everything it was totally my style of this bohemian gypsy with beautiful details in the skirts and really pretty choice of patterns throughout. Please take me to Sayulita and let me wear my bohemian skirt !

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