I was so lucky to be invited on a trip with my boyfriend’s family to Smugglers Village in Vermont.

We flew JET BLUE to Burlington and then got a ride to Smugglers Village.

The flight wasn’t that expensive and was only about a hour long.

We had such a wonderful time with his family – we watched Pretty Woman ( such a great movie to see again & again), ate a ton of ice cream (  home of Ben & Jerry’s), awesome food that Scott’s dad made ( he is an awesome chef), checked out the different general stores, went on a little short hike, saw some llamas, went swimming and had really yummy burgers at this place called FARMHOUSE in Burlington.

Although fashion week is approaching and models need to be booked and things organized I always  know that being around your loved ones is the most important thing in life.  Work can wait. I hate to say that but happiness and surrounding yourself with good positive energy is the most important thing in life.  We work too much. Today I have been sitting at the computer for four hours straight typing and organizing lists – I realize that I had such an enjoyable weekend and now it is time to get back to work so I can have enjoyable times again soon !

Some photos from my journey:

Yum apple cider donuts

Yummy sprinkled chocolates

They had Llama’s at the village you could hike with – these funny little guys

This very cool snowboard / ski gate and seeing the ski lifts in the Summer time so cool !

Lake Champlain was beautiful – supposedly there is a mystery monster called CHAMP – we didn’t see him but I definitely looked :

Burlington is beautiful and the home of PHISH – I used to see so many Phish shows – I was a hippie at heart 🙂

They love organic food and healthy eating and I guess really encourage eating your KALE 🙂

I actually tried to wear my platform shoes one day and tripped – ha ha – I am ok but I busted out these KEDS which I am totally in love with – they are so comfortable and very well designed

I try to take good photos but  Laurie is truly an amazing photographer – these photos are all courtesy of this awesome photographer – they are very special to me –

* I love my little FOREVER 21 tank, GAP jeans and EMU AUSTRALIA sandals and this Italian leather bag I found at Lord & Taylor – I love that it has a nerdy pocket protector for my pens 🙂

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