I love nature and love hiking ( even if I huff  & puff) but I also am one of the girls with the highest heels in the crowd and am a huge fan of billowing long maxi dresses and overdone braided hair ! I love big jeweled necklaces, blow outs and perfect airbrushed makeup.  I get manicures every week without fail, always try the “in” nailpolish of the season and love Keratin hair treatments.  I love the materialistic things in life but I also love being in nature where it is quiet and you can see all the stars. There was one point in my life where I  spent a ton of money on travel  & I would stay at the nicest places in the world – the best place in Kenya, the finest hotel in Capri & Sicily and Prague – all over – I guess I was a bit of a travel snob (boo!) and I would eat at the nicest restaurants – yet, I realized you don’t always have to stay at the finest place to have the best time. It is  very nice to stay at an incredibly beautiful hotel in Paris but it is also great to enjoy just being one with nature or staying at a cool apartment that you found on or a fun smaller boutique hotel.  It is all about the journey.

Scott & I recently went camping with some friends. It cost us about $20.00 for our tent lot and we were housed in one of the most beautiful places.  We were in walking distances to waterfalls and we had a lovely time with such a fun group of people.  We hiked a little, we ate fun food, we joked and we also went to see motorcycle races ( which is definitely something so cool to see ).

It is amazing how sometimes the best experiences don’t cost that much.  My most favorite thing is walking Barrett to her dog park and hanging out there – we are lucky because we have I think the nicest dog park ( private) in the city right down the street – with flowers and bamboo – it is really incredible and the people there are our friends.  It doesn’t cost much for her to be a member of the park but it is one of the nicest peaceful and fun sanctuaries we have living in the city.

I highly recommend everyone to go camping – even check out where we just went –

I can’t take credit for finding the place my good friend JERRITT CLARK told me about it and showed me beautiful photos he took back in May and Jen, one of our camping buddies took the lead and organized the trip.

It is so fun to bring a group of cool, chill people together or even just go with a buddy or your loved one and pack up some eggs, sandwich fixin’s, some chicken and veggies and you are good to go.

Check out some cool photos from my recent journey :

Some super cool CARAVAN’s we saw

My favorite photo on the trail

Some beautiful photos of the GORGE TRAIL

And then for the motorcycle races – these guys were fast and were dangerous – oy – there was even a female motorcyclist in the mix – so cool but even cooler were their outfits – it was the greatest runway inspiration – matching leather on leather outfits and beautiful colors check these out

and then if you know me know trip is complete without me investigating and sorting out the best ICE CREAM in town….

I found yummy home made ice cream that knocked my socks off – If you go stop at this place for sure !


I have not been camping since I was in my hippie mode when I went to WOODSTOCK and used to go those 3 day camping journeys for PHISH to Maine etc – I forgot how fun it is – I highly suggest at least a yearly camping trip.

One last discovery that my camping buddies passed on to me – this yummy beer – it is a very yummy weiss type beer –  Leinie’s SUMMER SHANDY – so lemony and so good !  It is from Jacob Leinenkugel’s brewery.

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