We always look at Rotten Tomatoes to figure out what movies to watch and decided on this fun animation/ anime film THE SECRET LIFE OF ARRIETTY – there is so much wonderful attention to detail. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are two of the voices in it and they are wonderful.  I highly recommend it for adults and children.

It is so wonderful when you see a film that really thought through everything in complete detail.  The Virgo in me can really appreciate the thoughtful attention to detail which in this world is so easily put aside sometimes.  This is a constant struggle for me who tries really to think everything through while others rush through life and just a lot of times take the easy road.  I always for some crazy reason take the challenging road and kick myself after because I stress when obstacles come forth but then I observe those who just do what they need to in order to get by and I realize I would rather push myself and achieve more in the end.  Arrietty reminded me of that push & pull for her family, friendship, success, etc.  Watch and enjoy this wonderful film filled with beautiful colors. I personally especially loved her room – it was so pretty and the way they used STAMPS for artwork was quite adorable.

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